Socialite SK Mbuga has been reportedly released from jail in Dubai and quickly extradited to Denmark over allegations of defrauding $2.6m.

The 36-year-old socialite has been in Al Awiir Central Prison in Dubai since last year.

Mbuga is accused of conning a businessman in Dubai a lot of money in a bogus gold deal.

Chimp Reports says its source revealed that the socialite was released from jail after paying about UGX1.6bn to businessmen he owed money.

Why Denmark and not Sweden where he allegedly faces fraud charges?

Details on why Sk Mbuga was extradited to Denmark instead of Sweden where, together with his wife, are facing fraud charges.

However, a source to Chimp Reports said Mbuga requested the authorities in the UAE to extradite him to Denmark.

The socialite and his wife allegedly fleeced about UGX23bn from a Swedish company account which Mbuga's wife jointly ran with former Boyfriend Sten Heinsoo.