Singer Mowzey Radio of Goodlyfe music duo would have turned 36 today.

The musician died last year on February 1, a week after celebrating his birthday.

Radio was pronounced dead at Case Hospital in Kampala after sustaining severe head injuries during a brawl at a bar in Entebbe.

Netizens have taken to social media to pay tribute to the fallen star -- who is described as a legend by a section of Ugandans.

Ugandan Singer Mowzey Radio . He was pronounced dead at Case Hospital in 2018 after he was reportedly beaten into coma following a fight at De Bar, a local loiter spot in Entebbe town.

Here are some of his popular quotes.

"I cry all the time. That is one thing you do not know about me. When people piss me off, I cry because it does not hurt."

"I have never been afraid of nothing. I have tried to challenge myself and I survive. I have a big dream and that dream [cost] me a friend."

"My name. It is everything for me. If I lost it, my identity would be lost; I am Moses Radio, the musician."

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"Young people should go to school. And they should not just go there to learn mathematics, science and the like but to learn something. Something good. They can learn how to sing, act, and develop their talents and also good behaviour."

"Ugandan artistes are not working hard enough. If they were, we would quadruple our efforts. We have been at the same pace for four years and we are instead getting competition elsewhere, at the MTV, Channel O awards etc."