In April, Reverend Lucy Natasha bought a private jet to the chagrin of her critics who claimed that she lived a lavish life at the expense of her poor followers.

“Every plan and promise of God concerning you will come to pass. You cannot be stopped. Get ready to fly high on the wings of the Holy Spirit. Receive new strength. #ImpactingGenerations #AnointedForNations #PrivateJet,” she wrote in one of her Instagram posts announcing that she was a proud owner of a new jet.

Rev. Lucy Natasha acquires brand new private jet (Instagram)

The private jet was just one of the expensive purchases by the Reverend who has been christened ‘Nairobi’s hottest pastor’. She owns a fleet of cars dubbed the Oracle, she is flanked by a posy of swagged up employees at her church and generally enjoys a rock star lifestyle.

A standard of living that has her critics asking where she gets the money to live so extravagantly. Others have even claimed that Governor Mike Sonko bankrolls her extravagant lifestyle.

Rev Lucy Natasha (Instagram)

Source of Wealth

Speaking on Up Close with Betty, the cute cleric finally put the speculations to rest by revealing where she gets her money.

“We have a group of people who believe in what we do from the meetings, the conferences and revivals. The thousands of people that have been touched. We have partners that watch our services, those that attend Miracle Mondays and those that watch from around the world. I am also an author of more than 12 books, I am an entrepreneur so there are multiple streams of income,” she explained.

I have multiple streams of income - Rev Lucy Natasha (Instagram)

In the interview, she also addressed claims of dating Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and that he bankrolls her flashy lifestyle and ministry.

Rev Lucy Natasha made it clear that her connection with Sonko was nothing more than a spiritual one.

“In actual fact, the governor is very God-fearing and my connection with him is very spiritual. He is somebody I have prayed with many times …I have prayed with him over various issues and he is a God-fearing man,” said Natasha.