The news of Zari Hassan wedding with Kingbae has been received with mixed reactions among her fans. A video shared on Instagram by Zari’s best friend Zodwa Mkandla seems to affirm that indeed the Boss lady has walked down the aisle.

One of the people who have reacted to Ms Hassan’s wedding is Akothee, who is also a close friend to the South African based socialite and business woman.

Akothee shared a photo of Zari’s wedding ring, begging the mother of five to teach her how to be humble so that she can also get a husband and settle down.

Zari Hassan announces wedding date upon landing in Mombasa

 “Kongole my chwity, please teach me how to be humble and quiet , this my noise is not helping me , I scare potential husbands, see my life ooohh , I AM proud of you my Lady Congratulations @zarithebossladywait my visa is out soon, the baby should wait too , mbuzi kala mkeka wambea hapa vizeee?” reads Akothee’s comment.

Others who reacted to the news said;

“Watanzania leo hawafungui mabakuli vile wamezoea..wamenyamaza Kama maji iko kwa mtungi” Fridah 254.

Matuta “Mimi siwezi ambia vidole congratulations...kwani amejioa”

Fina JJ “Strange wedding lol”

Zari Hassan and KinBae. Her wedding ring

@akotheekenyaeven you play this kindergarten games. thought you are more mature?so what do you get helping her to lie?why crop the ring” Anja Venessa

Jara Livious “Where did this wedding take place on s Thursday in South Africa? Home affairs? Am waiting for her South African celebrity friends to post though. Can we see at least King bae's hands sliding in the ring on a 67 minutes Mandela day???”

Paula Asoka “asante Zarina hakika umejua kuwanyoosha bongolalaziii

Bellah Bee bunde “Leo Mange atasema nini na hiyo domo lake karai... ??Watanzania saa hii najua wanatafuta umbea ila mbuzi ashalimeza mkeka..udaku hawapati ng'o”

Zari Hassan's wedding Ring

Preciousmay “Bribed nxiuu, umelipwa kupost, uwongo peleka rongo spa”

“Hatuamini picha ya kidole moja... Tupeni full event hajaolewa zaribossred wala mwajuma, picha tu hiyo” Diana Americanaa.

“Haters mtaambia nini watu, congratulations Zari bae” Mabera.

Nelson Mandela Day

On June 29 while in Nairobi, the mother of five announced that her wedding will be held on Nelson Mandela Day (July 18, 2019).

“I’m about to get married and me and my fiancé are thinking of Nelson Mandela Day because it will be a very beautiful day to remember our marriage because Nelson Mandela did a lot for Africa not just South Africa. So I’m official gonna get married on Nelson Mandela Day,” she said.