Kenyans were left tickled after old photos of resident provocateur Kibe surface online.

The reason why these photos shocked people is that Andrew is known to get tongues wagging with his over the top ideologies and provocative opinions about women and relationships.

So to think that there was a time he was a saved-y is unfathomable to many.

Kibe Andy, Robert Burale and friends (Instagram) Kibe Andy, Robert Burale and friends (Instagram)

Before venturing into radio and social media influence, Kibe was a ‘pastor’, aspiring politician, a motivational speaker the CEO of Flame keepers Publishing House.

Kibe during his time as the CEO of Flamekeepers Publishing with Raila Odinga and Allan Wanga (Courtesy) Kibe during his time as the CEO of Flamekeepers Publishing with Raila Odinga and Allan Wanga (Courtesy)

A poster from 2012 indicates that Kibe and Robert Burale hosted a ‘power of self-image’ seminar where they taught on image etiquette, creating a first impression and building confidence.

Kibe and Burale (Courtesy) Kibe and Burale (Courtesy)

Andrew Kibe’s radio career

In July 2018, thanks to his controversial videos, Kibe landed a radio job at NRG Radio alongside Kamene Goro hosting the early morning breakfast show dubbed NRG Breakfast Club.

About a year later, he bagged another job at Kiss TV as their breakfast show presenter but NRG moved to court to stop his bag.

The Radio station sued him and Kamene for breach of contract as they exited without prior notice. Our source divulged that the Former #NRGBreakfastClub hosts terminated their contracts prematurely, stating that he would not give more details since the matter was before a court of law.

In a video she shared on Instagram, Ms Kamene addressed the issue by saying that the past few days have not been easy for her as it was something she did not see coming her way.

She went on to say that it was now in the public that she had been sued and an order had been issued barring her from going on air at her new workplace (KISS 100).

Kamene Goro questioned what happened to humanity and how she was expected to live without working.

“Hard work and humanity are two things I always pray for, I always pray that God maintains them in me because that’s the best of me. My humanity, my heart and my hard work ethic you know. It has been a pretty rough couple of days for me from let’s say Thursday. Kid you not, didn’t see any of this coming but I just keep on saying where is the humanity. You know I’ve been taken to court, it’s now public knowledge I think all of you have seen the story. An injunction has been slapped on me, I’m not supposed to go on air. So what guys, how I’m I supposed to work? Where do I get my living from? My career, my future,” she said.