Beauty Queen Shalom Aburu, the Miss Uganda North America, will arrive in Uganda on January 11th, 2019 for the second annual Cares Tour of Uganda.

Joined by the Miss Uganda North America team that includes Noelyne Leni Alitema and Tramaine Suubi Kaleebu, former queen Yvonne Kushemererwa, Miss Tourism Uganda Margaret Kankwanzi and a team of delegates from the Uganda Tourism Board.

The tour, dubbed 'Bwindi: Gorillas and Southwestern Traditions' will run from January 14th through January 17th 2019. It will highlight the nature, wildlife, people and cultures of the Bwindi region and include charity activities in other areas.

This will be the second time that a reigning Miss Uganda North America queen officially visits Uganda as part of her official duties. Last year's queen, Yvonne Kushemererwa, visited the Tooro region. The annual tour is aimed at encouraging Ugandans in the diaspora to visit Uganda and to invest in Uganda's tourism industry. It also promotes responsible tourism through cultural awareness and ecotourism.

Some Women the Miss Uganda North America will visit Some Women the Miss Uganda North America will visit

The Miss Uganda North America Cares Tour of Uganda has three legs: tourism, culture and charity. On the tourism and culture legs, the program is partnering with the Uganda Tourism Board, Uganda Wildlife Authority, Crystal Lodges Uganda, Ethiopian Airlines, Kansiime Backpackers and the Miss Tourism organization. The program involves gorilla trekking and exploring more wildlife and nature in the region, as well as visiting various cultural groups in the region, such as the Rushaga Women's Group and the Batwa.

Shalom Aburu, who resides in the US state of Washington, was crowned Miss Uganda North America 2018/19 on August 31st 2018 in Seattle, Washington at the 31st Ugandan North American Association (UNAA) Convention.

During the charity part of her tour, she will be promoting her youth education platform in partnership with various non profits based in Uganda. The Tororo native queen will be in Uganda for three weeks and will continue to connect with various stakeholders after the tour concludes.