Popular musician Sheebah Karungi is not ready for marriage, sorry guys!

The 28-year-old musician spoke to the Matooke Republic in an interview on Thursday revealing details that vividly show she is all about her music career.

She said: "Honestly speaking, about marriage, I am not ready for marriage and I will not settle down for it. Men might be interested in me but I’m not settling for marriage."

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The "Wankona" singer has been previously rumoured of having an affair with her manager Jeff Kiwa -- something she downplayed saying people are always making up stories.

"You see? People will always have something to say. Ever since I joined music industry people have been making up their stories but what I’m selling is music not my personal life.

"I’m not Kim Kardashian that will want the public to know how old their pregnancy is, whom they hang with or whom they slept with."

However, Sheebah opened up about the possibility of having children and becoming a mother.

"I want to have two children; either one or two," she said.