Sharon Mundia NTV presenter ‘This is Ess’ loses her cool after being told she is getting ‘too thin’

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Weight is a touchy subject.

NTV presenter ‘This is Ess’ loses her cool after being told she is getting ‘too thin’ play

NTV presenter ‘This is Ess’


‘Living with Ess’ presenter Sharon Mundia popularly known as ‘This Is Ess’ lost her cool after a fan commented that she is getting ‘too thin’.

“Aii mamii, you are getting too thin mamii,” the fan commented on the picture below.

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‘This is Ess’ did not take the comment too kindly and snapped back with “Maybe you could write down the exact measurements that you’d like my body to be and I’ll get to work on it as soon as I start to give a damn. Thanks!”

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Touchy subject

Whether slender or thick, weight is a very touchy subject among ladies and it’s a topic best steered off.

A thing that a Friday Kenyan pull-out learnt after Pierra Makena exploded on them for claiming that ‘she is parading her baby fat’

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“Let me address something ati ‘Pierra showcases her baby fat.’ My baby fat is my baby fat! I gave birth, I didn’t know what you did, I don’t know if you got pregnant and flushed, but what I did, I gave birth! And I am very proud of every woman in this world who gives birth and is happy about their body! So you there at home who is seated and thinking ooh mothers give birth and they look terrible and not so curvaceous... excuse me, ” She said on Ebru TV as she stood up and sashayed to show off her curvy figure.

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