A Kenyan media personality is suing the organisers of Miss Curvy contest in Uganda for using her picture without her consent.

Grace Msalame wants UGX36bn for defaming her character, reputation and brand when they used her photo to promote 'objectification of women'.

Miss Curvy contest has been hit by criticism after the tourism minister's statement which likened 'curvy sexy Ugandan women' as products for tourist attraction.

Msalame issued a statement captioned: "#MissCurvyUganda2019 My lawyers have served you as well."

Part of the statement reads: "I take this opportunity to clearly state that I strongly and categorically reject the message that women’s curves, arms, waists and bodies are stories to sell tourism and the notion that tourism begins with women and their bodies. I strongly reject the idea that women’s bodies can be used by state agencies to generate revenue. I reject the message that pits women of different sizes against each other. I am in no way associated with the activity that objectifies women in the name of promoting culture. Women are people, not sex objects."

Tourism minister Kiwanda Godfrey clarified saying his statement was taken out of the contest and Miss Curvy contest is about 'appreciating the way we are created' and it's 'like any other pageant but for people who are slightly bigger'.

Full statement:

Msalame shared the statement from her lawyers on Twitter Msalame shared the statement from her lawyers on Twitter