Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja on Saturday took it upon himself to drive around a Nairobi man who was dumped for being poor, on his wedding day.

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“Honored to have been part of today’s wonderful wedding between William and Kinya. Their story of love touched us as William had been rejected by his previous fiancé for being poor. Kinya decided to look beyond his present circumstance and committed to him. They are blessed,” he said.


This comes a few weeks after the senator in a video that went viral gave William Sh50, 000 to help with his wedding arrangements and also promised to add Sh15, 000 to his monthly salary, which was of a similar amount.

The senator had also promised to have the man driven in his car on his wedding day, adding that if he would have time he would also attend the wedding.

“Alafu pia nimesikia story amabyo imeniguza kuna ule kijana ambaye alikuwa amekataliwa. Huyu ni wetu hata wakikukataa tumekuchukua na tumekukubali na hiyo harusi yake kwanza atabebwa na gari yangu,” said Senator Sakaja.