Jalang’o has been drumming up support for Huduma number registration and things got heated when Joe Muchiri pointed out that the government is not being straightforward with this Huduma Number thing. He said that information provided on the form can be used and manipulated by the government.

“The part 30 million people influenced by their parents, Jalangoo & Nonini didn’t read. I confirm that the information including biometrics provided by me is true, correct and accurate. I am aware that my information including biometrics will be used for the generation of a Huduma Number which is a unique personal identifier across the government systems. I understand that my information may be provided to an authorised government agency/agencies. The idea that a Jubilee government that has not provided basic services for Kenyans for the last 6 years is crazy & lying that now it will provide services after U get a new Huduma number is a blad fuckin joke,” read part of Joe’s post.

Joe Muchiri (Courtesy)

“It is sad people have been duped to do it in millions. The big question is who benefits from this project from data collection, to kits supply, to data maintenance etc LOL I mean the whole thing tender for Huduma cards. As a Kenyan U already have a unique identity in many forms from ur birth certificate to ur driving license to ur ID to ur passport to ur NHIF Card to ur KRA pin unique to U so why would U need another one. What can a Huduma number do that ur ID can’t anyway ur data can be used by anyone now & the government has a disclaimer Expect news scams in 2019 where someone can use ur identity to do shit on ur behalf. I hope ur Huduma digits makes U get cheaper fuel & groceries. I AM NOT BOARDING,” He added.

“Why can’t you just not board without calling my name bro? Just not board but don’t call me!” Jalang’o wrote back.

Jalang'o (@photographybykegan)

 Drama Comes To a Boil

The simmering drama came to a boil when Jalang’o accused Joe of dragging him into his wars before referring to him as ‘Saitan’

“Joe Muchiri my brother if you are not taking Huduma Number just don’t take it! You don’t have to mention me! You say I have been paid to tell people to take it. Yes, I have been paid! Very well! Because this is not just another page this is a media platform just like all radios and TV stations have been paid! There are a lot of things in this country worse, if this Huduma number will kill me let it kill me! Bro you don’t always have to drag everyone in your wars! So which one will kill people first? The whisky you pour in people mouths in clubs or Huduma number? Saitan go take Huduma number! Maybe you wanted to be noticed! There you go!” he retorted.

Jalang'o's Instagram Post

In response, Joe accused Jalang’o of being a sell out. “Fanya kazi boss, Nairobi is expensive, we are not the same, I can’t be bought easily. No one mentioned U in a bad light. I just said kuna part hamja ambia watu on how people’s data can be used or manipulated Kwani Lazima ikue vita kama hatu kubaliani the other day U were against Kenyan musicians saying they have no content and have bad music videos now ur supporting one wholeheartedly & playing their music . Hata hii HUJUMA number mambo yake ita tokea in the future I am yet to be wrong on anything I have said, because I speak facts. Ninge taka kujulikana ninge leak sex tape.”