After rumours spiraled all over social media that Sheilah Gashumba has been fired from NTV Uganda, the celebrated media personality has set the record straight.

Gashumba has taken to social media to address the grapevine while indeed admitting that she is leaving NTV The Beat.

She revealed that she wasn't fired but rather took a decision that will see her focus on her business -- Gash Glam Store.

"I wasn't fired or sacked from NTV Uganda. In November, I had a meeting with my management with what I should be doing in 2019.

"I'm working on a very big store called Gash Glam...I decided to give it all my time and I want to serve all the fashion lovers...I will be giving Gash Glam all my time."

Sheilah Gashumba in United Arab Emirates Sheilah Gashumba in United Arab Emirates

Gashumba will remain part of the Star Project with Betinnah and Tazibone.

"It's not good to put people down using false stories...It's an obligation for people in media to inform people."

The grapevine of her sacking circulated after she shared photos of her expensive holiday in the UAE.