In January last year, Ugandan music producer Washington witnessed the events that led to the death of prominent musician Mowzey Radio.

Radio was announced dead on February 1st, 2018, succumbing to severe head injuries following a brawl which Washington described as 'very fast'.

A year later, we revisit Washington's explanations of what led to Radio's death -- just a week after making 35 years.

I actually know the truth of what took place.

It was on the 23rd of January when this sadness set upon. I left home and went to Neverland, that is where they built their home in Makindye. I normally go there almost every day to carry out some productions for my boys.

But this day, I found Radio and he wanted to Entebbe because he is constructing one of his great houses there. He told me: "Would you please give me a lift and escort me as we talk about life? I have some little money and I want to go and pay some hardware shops. I said it's okay, I have no problem.

We got into the car at around 3 PM, we actually meet with Weasel and his brother from Sweden. We left them and said bye, we drove to Entebbe. Along the way, we talk about life; he was preaching about loving each other, working together and stop being divided.

I was shocked this coming from Radio. I don't think I know Radio for always rebuking -- if you have done something wrong -- he tells you. This day, it was so funny that he was talking about the bible and saying things I never expected.

We reach Entebbe, he goes to a hardware shop, then we drive towards the site. The site is around Canaan estate, just by the lake.

Mowzey Radio posing next to his house in Entebbe Mowzey Radio posing next to his house in Entebbe

The unfortunate call

On the site, he gets a phone call from a lady called Pamela. I had not met Pamela at all, he claimed she is an officer from one of the security organisations. He claimed Pamela helps him secure and protect his construction site.

She calls him and we go to a place called DeBar, it's in one of the trading centres in Entebbe. On the way, I told him: "you know what, I hope you are not going to spend a lot of time in this bar".

Because me I don't drink, I don't like things of bars. I like going to a place when I'm invited by the owner because I know there is always security.

So, I respect his wishes and we go there; I told him: "please we stay here for only five minutes". Then he told me: "you know it would be a bit disrespectful, these are my people and they are always there for me sometimes."

I'm like ok. We walk into the bar at around 5:30 PM or 6 PM. Everybody is happy to see us and Pamela welcomes us. We found her with a group of her friends which I didn't know.

So, they (Pamela, Radio, owner of the bar, some guy called Hassan) sit in a group of the side and me and another guy (whom they drove with to Entebbe) sat on the side because we don't mix with people taking alcohol.

A bad feeling about everything

I start having a bad feeling about everything. I tried to confront Radio telling him we need to go to Kampala because I don't like driving late. He insisted saying: "let's wait longer, these are my friends, they might even bless us with something".

So, he insists and stays; they start drinking and chatting together. I walked to the car because I wasn't feeling well already -- leaving my friend on the table where we were drinking water from.

I went and rested for like ten minutes and came inside again. I found Pamela coming out of the bar and told her: "I need to go back to Kampala; can you please tell Radio that we need to go." She was like: "no, he is about to finish his drinks and we go."

I walk inside and insist, I tell Radio we need to go. He tells me: "Washington, Relax and be patient, there is even a lot of traffic." I told him it's okay we can go in traffic but he refused.

I told a friend that let's go to the car maybe he will see us going and get the urge of leaving. in the car, we sat for about ten minutes -- I see Pamela coming out of the bar again. I told her: "what are you doing? we need to go. If Radio doesn't want to come, I will leave him. He is a grown man, he can get a vehicle to bring him back or you can bring him since you're the one who invited him."

I was a bit tough to her. She said: "No, don't worry. He is about to get done and you go."

Debar club Debar club

He poured whisky on the bar owner

Me I insist and walk into the club and found that they have shifted from inside the club to outside -- there is sort of the corridor outside the club. They were about five people, no one was sober at that time -- the tone of their voices was on another level.

I noticed they were over laughing and Radio was not happy about that. I tapped at him and told him we need to go. He said: "Be patient and wait for another five minutes".

I sat with him for about five minutes -- so he starts pouring a bottle of whisky -- he gets the bottle, but it comes half -- and I saw him giving some money. In my head, I was like, why is he buying this when he knows I want to go? But I kept my cool.

He gets the whisky and starts pouring into different glasses that were there. After that, he got very angry -- I think they said something agitating to him -- when he gets the whisky pours it on the manager who was in front. Then he puts the bottle down. They all didn't react, they kept laughing as if they were enjoying. We sat for about three to four minutes without any reactions. I noticed the manager wasn't happy.

I told Radio: "What have you done?" and he said they know what they have done but it will be fine.

After about five minutes, this owner of the bar gets very angry. I think he was the one buying drinks because he is the owner of the bar. He gets very angry and throws the whole table away and people scatter. He comes for Radio because they went seated adjacent. Fortunately, they were separated by this tall guy called Troy and Hassan who held the owner of the bar, so there was no physical contact.

I shouted: "take him into the bar". Then I told Pamela: "Let's go". When I told Pamela to pick Radio out, everything was scattered. I was on the other side the Pamela and Radio were on the other side. I told Radio and Pamela to go to the car. We started walking properly -- on the way out, almost reaching the door.

Mourners at Radio's burial led by Weasel and Jose Chameleone Mourners at Radio's burial led by Weasel and Jose Chameleone

I heard his head crack and eyes were not moving

Then there is this tall guy who comes from the back shouting: "you have disrespected the owner of the bar; how can you embarrass him in his own club?".

So, he snatches Radio from Pamela by force -- it was very fast -- he lifted him up and threw him down. By the time he lifted him up, I was already shouting telling them to stop fighting.

He threw Radio down and I heard him hit his head. This tall guy (Troy) decided to run away and everybody scattered. Only Pamela and Hassan remained.

My instincts were for first pick up Radio. I noticed his eyes were not moving. I really heard the head crack. I was trying to tell these people that Radio is not okay. I checked his stomach because you normally check the stomach to see if someone is still breathing, and he was still breathing.

Hassan and I lifted him and put him in my car. I told Pamela to get into the car. We took him to the hospital called Emmanuel Hospital, just near where we were.

We reach the hospital and there is a bit of delay, doctors took their time but they finally came. They put him into a room and put on a drip. I told the doctor that I heard him hit the head and I think the problem is with the head. I told the doctor we need to do a scan and know what the problem is.

Troy Wamala, main suspect in Mowzey Radio's death Troy Wamala, main suspect in Mowzey Radio's death

They were like: "No, he might have taken a lot of alcohol and is just blacked out". I tell the doctor that he is not blacked out, he has gone into a coma, his brain is dead.

He writes a referral letter saying they can't handle the situation. I asked him to give me an ambulance then we go to Kampala. He referred me to Nsambya -- it took us 15 minutes from Emmanuel Hospital to Nsambya Hospital.

We reach Nsambya and there was a bit of delay until I started making a lot of noise. They got him from the ambulance and took him inside the hospital. But I still tell the doctor that he hit his head.

The doctor told me ICU was full and they couldn't take care of him there. The immediate hospital which was available was Case hospital. We drive to Case Hospital and scanned to prove what I was telling them.

Mowzey Radio died seven days later after the incident.

Troy Wamala, the main suspect connected to his death, is still in detention on the charge of murder.