So, Anselm Kizza-Besigye, the son of prominent opposition figure Kizza Besigye, finished his freshman year at Harvard University -- and what he is doing to earn some bucks is something unexpected of him -- from a Ugandan perspective.

His mother, Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director of Oxfam International, revealed what the son is doing in a congratulatory tweet over the weekend.

Byanyima said she is a "proud mum" after Anselm completed his freshman year at the prestigious Harvard University and revealed that his son has a "campus job cleaning dorms".

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We did a little research on how much cleaning dorms is worth in terms of wages at such a prestigious American university.

Term-time jobs pay a starting wage of $16.25/hr ( about UGX60,000). The pay may raise up to $17.25/hr (about UGX65,000) by the end of your first year of employment.

To put this in perspective, if Anselm works for a minimum of 7 hours every day for a month, he will have earned about UGX12m -- Ugandan MPs earn a basic salary of about $2917 (about UGX11m).

When Byanyima made the revelation, it caused mixed reactions on Twitter:

"Besigye and Winnie are hoodwinking Americans who give them money pretending that they didn't misappropriate the donated funds 4 campaigns"

"Thank you People's First Lady for your love towards @akbesigye. First son, Aim Higher.

Your country, your people awaits you to continue the job well done by the People's President Dr @kizzabesigye1"

"Great working with management of Harvard University. That job is very paying and soon he will move higher. First step done"

"Way to go Anselm! Great that he's got a job too."

"I am always wondering at the outcomes of a product from 2 very intelligent parents"

"Is that a job to be proud of? @kizzabesigye1"