Anne Kansiimes boyfriend has been made fun of by social media users on Facebook.

Sky Da Ugandan, as he calls himself on the social media platform, was ridiculed after a Facebook user posted the couple's photos.

The celebrated comedian started dating earlier this year after her failed marriage with Gerald Ojok despite being taunted as people's favourite celebrity couple.

Sky Da Ugandan's lanky physical trait got people poking fun at him on Facebook.

One Facebook user called Amaka Jo Lyne wrote: "He looks like one of her jokes".

Diana Julie said: "I pray no strong wind finds them standing in Jesus' name...Ann will only remain with memories that we were standing here nd hez no more"

"Looking like a thread," another social media user wrote.

"So she left a Real man to go with baby ndunya ehmm," Phillis said.

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Failed marriage

Last year, Kansiime announced that her marriage with Gerald Ojok had come to an end after almost 5 years.

The comedian was replying to a series of questions during a QnA session on her Facebook page.

"OJ and I are not together anymore. Reasons, why we are not, are not for anyone else to know, but the two of us," she said.

In a separate interview, she revealed that her marriage "had actually ended six months before the whole world knew".

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