Yvette Obura Engaged? Bahati’s baby mama opens up

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She opened up in a Q&A session with fans.

Engaged? Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura opens up play

Yvette Obura


Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura recently opened up on whether she is engaged or not in a Q&A session with fans.

“Engaged?” A fan asked and Yvette disclosed that she is not yet engaged but she has a promise ring from her bae. Some men buy a promise ring ahead of the engagement ring as a way of symbolizing their commitment to their better half or to show that an engagement is in their future.

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She also disclosed that her boyfriend is very understating when it comes to her relationship with her daughter’s father, Bahati.

During an episode of Being Bahati, Yvette opened up about co-parenting with the ‘mama’ singer.

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“ Co-parenting si rahisi. You know he has wife alafu maybe am in another relationship, alafu unajua kuna zile time hatuwezi pigiana pigiana simu ati Mueni anataka nini. Sisi wote ni vichwa ngumu , tunakuwanga na arguments, every now and then but the main focus ni Mueni, sisi ni non-factor. Huko Instagram unaeka picha ya Mueni watu wanauliza kwani Muenihaendangi shul.Ooh mara, baba yake ati ooh mtoto anafaa kujua English, mi siongeangi English, so mi nilidecide to kucall the Dad so atakuwa anamchukua yeye mweyewe huko Eastlands anampeleka mpaka Runda at least labda Mueni atatoka huko na pizza tutakula pia sisi, ”said Yvette.

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