Embarrassing moment when Michael Ross invaded Ginuwine on stage (Video)

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Michael Ross' actions raised mixed reactions

play Musician Michael Ross and Ginuwine (Instagram)

Ugandan RnB icon Michael Ross has become the talk on several social media platforms when he controversially invaded Ginuwine on stage to showcase his dancing skills on Saturday night.

Michael Ross beat security and made his way to the stage when Ginuwine was performing his personal favourite. 'Pony'.


The iconic RnB musician's behaviour raised mixed reactions on social media as several Ugandans criticised his actions while others tried to defend him.

He was introduced to the 46-year-old American award-winning singer during the 'Meet and Greet' party in Kampala on Friday.

Ross has since issued an apology owning his 'silly mistake'.

"I had no intentions of disrupting the show whatsoever. I just made a silly mistake. However, I'm thankful that when I was thrown off stage, I didn't get hurt."

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