Pierra Makena Check out Pierra Makena’s posh convertible car (Photos)

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It’s very cute.

DJ Pierra Makena play

DJ Pierra Makena


DJ Pierra is one of the biggest female DJ’s in the country and has gigs both locally and internationally.

Her gigs have accorded her money to achieve her dreams and buy some lavish items like this dreamy Peugeot drop top .The car was on display recently as she drove her daughter Ricca Pokot to play school.



play Pierra's car (Instagram)


In an earlier interview with Pulse, DJ Pierra disclosed that the car cost her slightly above a million and she had to cough up a little extra to pimp the car.

“I have liked it for years and when I had money I decided to make my dream come true,” she said after buying her car.

play (Instagram)

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