A Ugandan cartoonist has perfectly represented the state of the country's education as most schools open today.

Chris Ogon, a cartoonist for the Daily Monitor, shows top 5 new school term requirements in his depiction of Ugandan schools.

The passport, in Ogon's drawing, represents how schools are subjecting parents to unnecessary costs of paying for foreign student trips for their students costing more than $3,000.

Chris Ogon's representation Chris Ogon's representation

These days, according to Ogon's representation, selling a kidney looks like the most lucrative deal of getting quick bucks for school fees. Ugandan schools are charging exorbitant money for school fees -- some schools charge more than what a medical student pays at a Ugandan university.

With the constant power blackouts countrywide, school need to keep running to ensure with or without power -- so a generator is needed.

Ogon probably uses the bag of cement to represent the ever-growing demands from school authorities to build better infrastructure.