Ugandan musician Bebe Cool has come out to spark light on the rumoured march for President Musevenis supporters in Kampala.

The singer, who was pelted with stones and bottles at a concert in August by people he says are Bobi Wine supporters, has denied being the "chief walker" at the march dubbed "M7's 1m Bazzukulu March".

He took to Facebook denying to be part of it and said: "I would like to inform you that I don't know about this activity and I'm not part of it".

"Whoever came up with this artwork/propaganda had very bad intention for my name/brand," the singer added.

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Bebe Cool, a loyal Museveni supporter, claims whoever is organising the event is a propagandist with ill intentions.

He believes people behind it want to say the ruling government has no supporters -- when September 27th comes -- the scheduled date of the event.

"The intention is that come to this date, there won't be people since no one is organising it, so they can now do their propaganda that the NRM has no BAZUKULU/SUPPORT," he wrote on Facebook.

The 41-year-old singer recently halted any public performances until further notice citing safety concerns.