Despite a stagnant economy, parents are still paying exorbitant fees to ensure their children have access to the best education they can afford.

Akothee’s daughter Prudence Otieno aka Fancy Makadia has joined one of the most expensive universities (name not revealed) in Paris, France.

An update on Akothee’s Insta-stories, indicates that she parted with over Sh2.2 million upon admitting her daughter at the University.

Akothee with her daughter Fancy Makadia

Dream school

“My Baby Joins University. Taking my daughter to her dream school. When you have an international mum. School fee is 20,000 euro depending on the course. Admitting my daughter in the university #fancy_makadia” reads updates from Akothee.

Upon completing the admission, the Abebo hit-maker disclosed that her daughter (Fancy Makadia) reminds her of how her baby daddy used to sneak into their compound.

Akothee with her daughter Fancy Makadia

@fancy_makadia , You are the copyright of your dad , my best friend Jared, you look like his dad , your smile reminds me of how he used to sneak into our compound , give me an album full of his photos and 100 shillings on the last page, his mom calks me Kadera, his dad knows that I am the most chicky (sic) woman ever , your uncles believe in me ,I saw all of them grow into mature men , always respect family ,its a bond that can never break , study hard get a job and invite your family to France too . Call dad today inform him about your new school , I love you girl @fancy_makadia” wrote Akothee.

Braeburn Mombasa

During her O-level, Fancy schooled at Braeburn Mombasa, one of the best schools in the country.

Akothee with her Kids

Braeburn Mombasa is a school where parents part with Sh225,900 to Sh1,078,000 as basic school fees depending on which year you are in, Shs123, 300 to Shs112,200 on transport and Sh73,500 to Sh92,400 on Lunch.

Her other two daughters Vesha Okello and Rue Baby study at Strathmore University.