It is eleven months since singer Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo, also known as Mowzey Radio, died.

His sudden death shocked the nation, especially the music fraternity that closely worked with him on several projects.

Radio, together with Weasel made up the popular Ugandan music duo -- Goodlyfe Crew.

How Mowzey Radio died

In January 2018, Radio engaged in a brawl at a hangout called 'De Bar' in Entebbe, about 45KM from the Ugandan capital of Kampala.

One of the eyewitnesses, Washington, who was also his producer said the brawl started during a casual drink up when Radio poured whisky on the bar manager before engaging in a brief altercation.

Moments later, the Goodlyfe singer was grabbed and tossed on the ground by a 28-year-old who was identified as Troy.

"I heard Radio's head crack as he hit the ground," Washington said during an interview.

"My instincts were to first pick up Mowzey. His eyes had shut down. We drove Mowzey to Emmanuel Hospital and there was a bit of delay. We then requested for an ambulance to Nsambya."

Radio was announced dead on February 1st due to severe brain injuries.

Radio & Weasel Radio & Weasel

The beginning of the end of Goodlyfe

Months after the death of Radio, uncertainty loomed around the continuity of the music duo he had started with fellow singer Weasel.

Being described as the 'brain' behind the group's music -- there was much doubt with Weasel taking the steering wheel into the future of the duo.

In April, Weasel said he was going to prove people wrong this year and release songs every month.

"I think I will be bigger than Jay-Z and everyone on the planet."

He released a tribute song called 'Tokyayitaba' -- but since then his speck relevance on the music industry shows that he had done so little to keep the legacy of Goodlyfe alive.

His most notable release of the year comes after a collaboration with King Saha, a Ugandan singer whose voice has been likened to the later Radio.

Unreleased music

During a televised interview in February, Weasel disclosed that the late singer had recorded very many songs.

"Radio left so many songs that we may not even need to do more songs but just release the ones available and sit home."

Since the untimely death of Radio, no posthumous project has been released yet.

Weasel has gone on to however collaborate with other local musicians like Spice Diana and King Saha.

While at Coke Studio Africa, Weasel, for a fact said he was working on a 20-track album with King Saha.