Musician Desire Luzinda last month announced that her new album called "Transition" is her last secular music project as she crosses to gospel music.

The mother of one said she is now a born-again Christian and "hope this last album touches someone out there".

Appearing on Capital FM on Friday morning, Luzinda spoke about the decision of transitioning to gospel music saying it's something she has considered for a very long time.

She said "I didn't make this decision overnight. It has taken me about 3 years but I wanted to come out when I was sure I was ready for the life of salvation," adding that, "I didn't want to mention it and then people see me doing other things".

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I chose to serve the Lord

The celebrated Ugandan musician sparked light why she decided to give her music career and life to the Lord.

Luzinda told Capital FM's Lucky and Gaetano that she felt peace she had never had in her whole life and that is how she knew she belonged to the Lord.

"When I chose to serve the Lord, I felt this peace that I had never had in my life. That is how I judged where I truly belong," she said.

Turning point

Luzinda says the sex scandal that happened in 2014 was her turning point. That year, her ex-boyfriend allegedly circulated her nude pictures for revenge on social media.

She states that she used that moment to turn to God for comfort and strength because it wasn't easy.

"My nudity scandal was my turning point. That is when I sought God more and then even after when it turned for the Good, I still thanked God because I knew it wasn't easy."