McDonald's is giving away free french fries to customers who use Apple Pay on the McDonald's mobile app this Friday and every remaining Friday in July.

The first day of the promotion falls on National French Fry Day on Friday, July 13. Customers who spend at least $1 using Apple Pay on the McDonald's app are eligible to receive a free, medium-sized french fries. The promotion will continue on Friday, July 20 and Friday, July 27.

If you've got an iPhone, here's how to get your free fries:

  1. Set up Apple Pay on your iPhone if you haven't already.
  2. Download the McDonald's app and set up your account.
  3. In the McDonald's app, select "Order," then "Deals," then click the "FREE Medium Fries with minimum purchase of $1" deal and add it to your mobile order.
  4. Select an order of at least $1 in the McDonald's app, pay using Apple Pay, and get your free fries.

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