In truth, Netflix shows downloaded onto my son's iPad have been the saving grace of many a long road trip. There's only so long that he can draw, read, or chat with us parents up in the front seats before we all agree it's time for the headphones to go on and for him to enjoy an episode or three of "Octonauts" or "Inspector Gadget."

Downloading Netflix shows onto an iPad is easy, and it allows you to view the show any time you want, even without access to the web. Shows or movies downloaded onto an iPad from Netflix will expire after several days (typically 48 hours to a week), however, so make sure you renew the download before that road trip, flight, or power outage.

How to download Netflix movies and shows onto your iPad

1. Launch the Netflix app and search for the show you wish to download.

2. Tap the downward facing arrow at the bottom right corner of the episode to be saved.

Steven John/Business Insider

3. A circle around a square icon will display as the show (or movie) is downloaded, then a box with a checkmark will appear once it has been downloaded.

How to watch downloaded Netflix programs on iPad

1. At the bottom of the Netflix page, tap the word "Downloads."

2. Tap the movie to watched, or open the show series, then tap the episode you want to watch.

Steven John/Business Insider

Your media will begin playing, no internet access required.

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