Egypt will make a formal complaint to FIFA over the performance of the referee for their decisive World Cup defeat to Russia.

Egyptian Football Association president Hany Abo Rida said they felt decisions of Paraguay referee Enrique Caceres prejudiced the outcome of the Tuesday game.

"We want an investigation into the performance of the whole refereeing team,” he told Reuters on Friday.

Egypt lost the game 3-1 to suffer a second defeat at the tournament and an early elimination in their first World Cup appearance since 1990.


Abo Rida, who also sits on the FIFA Council, said Egypt full-back Ahmed Fathi was pushed as he tried to clear the ball, resulting in the own-goal that gave Russia a 1-0 lead.

He also believes striker Marwan Mohsen should have been awarded a penalty in the second-half.

Abo Rida added: "The referee should have used VAR (the Video Assistant Referee system) to check and award the penalty. They should have also seen that Fathi had been pushed. It is our right to complain and ask for an investigation."