New York City crowds on Wednesday lined Broadway Avenue from Battery Park to City Hall with one purpose to see the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup champions and cheer on the members of the United States Women's Soccer Team.

The team didn't get to this point on sheer luck, nor did it happen without facing adversity. The team faced backlash on multiple occasions, from demanding equal pay to celebrating unapologetically after every goal they scored. Yet, it was some of those moments that resonated with the nation the most.

We talked to some fans who lined the streets to celebrate the USWNT's victory to find out what their favorite moment was.

"Ashlyn Harris' Instagram. Let's start with that," said Marisa Kurk, who attended the parade with non-profit Transportation Alternatives and works for National Women's Soccer League team Sky Blue FC.

Goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris has been a prominent figure for Team USA on Instagram, especially when documenting the team's victory celebrations . Her Instagram stories went viral, from Alex Morgan twerking to Megan Rapinoe popping a bottle of champagne while standing on a bar.

"[Alyssa] Naeher's penalty save was a huge deal," Kurk added. "There was all this speculation with how [the defense] was going to perform. Everyone shut it down."

Kurk wasn't the only one who said Naeher's goal was the highlight of the tournament. Emily Deehan and Mikayla Ritter from Yaphank, New York also shared that the save was their favorite moment. "It was iconic," Deehan said.

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"I loved when Rose Lavelle got the goal at the end," said New York City resident Greyson Ike. "I just thought it was really sweet how her whole team reacted to her."

Monica Beshay from Brooklyn agreed with Ike. Said Beshay: "I just liked seeing everyone so happy, especially after the win. It was a good, uniting moment."

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A group of kids who traveled with their parents from New Milford, New Jersey had three favorite moments Megan Rapinoe's first penalty kick goal, Lavelle's goal, and simply put, "When they won."

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"I liked when Carli Lloyd ran on the pitch for the final time I believe it was, anyway of her career," said Joe Bond, who came to see the parade from Astoria, New York. "During the game it wasn't that big of a deal, but I watched the video replays of it and everyone was going crazy. That was my favorite."

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36-year-old Carli Lloyd hasn't ruled out retiring after this year's World Cup, but it's possible that 2019 was her last year competing alongside Team USA on the World Cup stage.

"I would have to say unapologetically celebrating being at the pinnacle of your sport and your profession and having a good time," said Ian Klein, who came downtown from the Upper West Side to see the parade. "You walk the walk, you talk the talk."

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