About 100 cyclists are set to participate in the Tembea Kenya Nairobi - Machakos mountain bike challenge set for this weekend, a Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) initiative to diversify tourism through adventure.

Speaking ahead of the bike challenge, KTB Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Betty Radier said KTB aims toshowcase the country’s diverse attractions through the cycling event and push the adventure segment of travel that is increasingly attracting interest among the millennials.

“The Nairobi-Machakos mountain bike challenge provides yet another new and exciting experience especially for the ​young and middle-aged segment of the ​population which is​increasingly seeking out an active lifestyle, both for leisure as well as for fitness and networking.” She said. \

Adventure tourism has been noted as a fast growing trend in Kenya, with millennials developing more interest in authentic experiences through travel.

“Kenya is a perfect destination for biking safaris due to the favourable weather throughout the year. The outlying touristic attractions along the competition routes attract the spectator audience which follows the riders.” says the CEO.

The Nairobi-Machakos mountain bike challenge comes nearly two months after Kenya KTB entered into a partnership with cycling event organizer, Ngong Hills Individual Time Trial (NHITT) to promote domestic travel by undertaking three mountain bike races countrywide.

The KTB CEO further noted that the initiative will also go a long way in growing the domestic tourism segment that has shown continued growth and a cushion for the tourism sector during low seasons and that its performance is on the rise.

In 2017, domestic tourism recorded a total of 4.05million bed nights being taken up by Kenyans compared to 3.5 million in 2016, denoting a 15.9%growth.

The first bike race dubbed “Arabuko Sokoke Forest Challenge with Tembea Kenya” took place on 5thMay in Kilifi county. The 64 kilometres bike raceattracted the participation of hundreds of local and international cyclists.

The next bike challenge is slated to take place in the month of July in the Great Rift Valley region.