10 South Sudanese soldiers have been sentenced to prison, after a lengthy court case which was closely followed by the world, for the rape of foreign aid workers and the murder of a journalist.

The military court also ordered the government to pay compensation to the victims. Each rape victim is entitled to $4,000 pay.

The court also ordered the government to pay 51 head of cattle to the relatives of the local journalist who was killed in the raid. The hotel owner is also due to receive compensation for the destruction and looting of his property.

The attack at the Terrain Hotel in the capital was one of the worst attacks on foreign aid workers since South Sudan, Africa youngest nation, plunged into conflict in 2013.

The court case was widely seen as a test of will by the government of President Salva Kiir to bring accountability in the military that has long drawn accusations of widespread rights violations and a culture of impunity.

Eleven soldiers were on trial but one was set free due to the lack of charges leveled against him.