Nairobi County Assembly Speaker Beatrice Elachi has vowed to challenge her impeachment at the Supreme Court.

According to Citizen Digital, Ms Elachi, who was impeached on Thursday evening, said it was unfair of the Nairobi MCAs to discuss her impeachment without according her a chance to defend herself as stated by the law.

She further argued that the Thursday evening sitting convened by the legislators to oust her was a special sitting meant to discuss the state of Nairobi and not her impeachment.

Ms Elachi was impeached after 103 members of the assembly on voted in favour of the process, thereby achieving the two-thirds majority required.

She had earlier told off the MCAs over showing off their frustration to Kenyans by discussing her in the Assembly.

"I know Members are frustrated, they have loans, they have not received their salaries but in that frustration, we cannot push it that way. We have issues of fuel to deal with and if we mix our welfare with what is happening in the country Kenyans will get even more confused,” said Elachi.