• Aman Sveti Stefan is a luxury resort and island in Eastern Europe's Montenegro .
  • It can cost up to $6,000 to stay there for a week during high season, and influencers have been snapping photos there all summer.
  • Nestled between a forest and the sea, Aman Sveti Stefan blends history and paradise while maintaining privacy and an air of exclusivity.
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Nothing says exclusive like a place that's hard to get to. And a high price tag, of course.

Consider Aman Sveti Stefan, located in Eastern Europe's Montenegro. Part luxury resort, part island, Sveti Stefan has been called " Europe's most luxurious hotel ."

And while it's not in a remote location, it's not in Europe's most trafficked destination either. Aman Sveti Stefan has been attracting influencers all summer, during which it costs nearly $6,000 for a weeklong stay, a spokesperson told Business Insider.

It's not difficult to see the appeal of Aman Sveti Stefan: It has scenic views of both forest and sea, and the historic charm of its architecture is juxtaposed against paradise vibes along its beaches.

Business Insider spoke with three Instagrammers who recently visited Aman Sveti Stefanto see if their experiences aligned with the hotel's luxurious image and as it turns out, the experience delivers on the expectation.

Here's a look inside the five-star resort that's more destination than hotel.

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