The 72nd annual Cannes Film Festival began earlier this week.

With a reputation for glamour and glitz, the prestigious film festival attracts some of Hollywood's most notable players for 12 days every May. According to Alissa Wilkinson of Vox, Cannes creates its exclusive status by showing a limited number of films, offering awards by well-known juries, and maintaining the world's largest film market.

It's also an industry-only festival, meaning there aren't tickets for the general public, which only adds to Cannes' allure. Credentials are granted to those in the film industry after they apply and get accepted, Vox said.

Among Cannes' staples are star-studded red carpet moments, lavish events, and high-end budgets. At Cannes, you can't celebrate a new film or film deal without dropping a bit of money think parties on $200 million yachts, $1 million outfits, and more than $2 million in security for the stars.

Here's a look at the money behind one of the biggest events for Hollywood's elite from three different perspectives: hosting an event; attending as a celebrity; and promoting a film as a production house.

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