Working on a superyacht is grueling.

There are long hours, lots of cleaning, and demanding guests and owners.

Business Insider recently polled superyacht crew members to get an inside look at life on board. When asked for the strangest request they've ever received from a guest or owner, some didn't have much to say. As one electronic technical officer on a 223-foot yacht put it, "Guests can be really boring."

But others had several stories to share.

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When people are paying millions to run the yacht or hundreds of thousands to charter it out for a week, they expect to get their money's worth and everything they want.

That leaves many superyacht crew members running around trying to meet the highest expectations. From the funny to the ridiculous to the tedious, here are some of the strangest requests they've received on the job.

Note: Business Insider was able to verify each crew member's identity, but we refrained from publishing their full names to protect their privacy.

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