Zimbabwes national carrier has been taken to court by local internet service provider, Powertel Communications (Pvt) Ltd, over unpaid debt amounting to $18,441 for services rendered.

Powertel, through its lawyers Baera and Company Legal Practitioners, issued summons against Air Zimbabwe last month demanding its dues.

"The defendant (Air Zimbabwe) requested for internet services from the plaintiff [Powertel] in terms of which the plaintiff would supply and render internet services to the defendant, wherein the defendant would pay the stipulated amount for the services rendered as recorded," Powertel said in its declaration.

"The defendant would pay the requested amount from time to time as per the attached annexure. However, the defendant has accumulated an outstanding balance of $18 441 in arrears and has failed, refused and/or neglected to pay the amount due and owing despite demand."

Saddled with debt

The firm had earlier in June raised the issue with Air Zimbabwe’s financial manager and at the same time threatened legal action against the airline.

Air Zimbabwe is saddled with a $341 million foreign and domestic debt which has been accumulated over a decade of mismanagement.

The inability to repay the debt has left the airline in a predicament as it is now stripped of its international aviation privileges.