Radio & Weasel I’m going to prove people wrong by releasing a song every day – Weasel

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Making Mowzey Radio proud

play Weasel to prove critics wrong this year (Courtesy)

Weasel’s future in music has been a topic of discussion ever since the death of Mowzey Radio in February after sustaining head injuries during a bar fight.

The late Radio was seen to be the anchor that was holding the group strong especially with his song writing and singing skills – some attributes many people believe Weasel hasn’t attained highly yet.

Following the death of Mowzey Radio, Weasel has been on pressure to deliver amid public criticism of his relevance as a solo artiste.

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play Weasel and the late Mowzey Radio (Courtesy)


In his interview after his first international gig as a solo musician, Weasel has now come out to assure his fans and critics that he is planning to stay for a while and become even become bigger than he is right now – he reiterated that he is going to prove people wrong by releasing several songs every month.

“I'm going to prove people wrong this year. I will try to release a song every day. In five years, I think I will be bigger than Jay-Z and everyone on the planet," he said.

In the same interview, Weasel sparked more light on why he fired his manager Chagga and rehired him again saying he is family who can't be fired.

"I don't have a contract with Chagga. What I do with Chagga is purely friendship and family. When a family has disagreements, it mends the broken pieces together. You can't fire someone whom you don't have a contract with. We are still working together and I have to make Radio proud," he said.

Weasel released his first song after Radio’s death called ‘Tokyayitaba’ and also featured on Spice Diana’s smash song ‘32’.

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