Ronald Mayinja Popular opposition musician who performed at the ruling party's fete begs for forgiveness

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We are all among the oppressed

play Ronald Mayinja (Courtesy )

Celebrated opposition musician Ronald Mayinja has begged for forgiveness after his controversial performance at a fete organized by the ruling NRM party in Kiboga District last month.

NRM party members converged in Kiboga District to celebrate the successfully amendment of the article 102b of the constitution that lifts presidential age limit.

Ronald Mayinja’s surprise performance at NRM’s fete shocked many of his fans and opposition supporters who have over the years known him as a musical gem that uses his talent to speak against the government.

He has also composed songs that critic the government.

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The singer made an appearance in Jinja East during the campaign rally of opposition party’s Paul Mwiru and performed some of his hit songs before begging for forgiveness.

play Ronald Mayinja and Dr. Kizza Besigye (Courtesy)


He labored to explain that NRM officials hired his company to sing for them at the fete.

“The other day, NRM people went behind my back and hired my company to go and sing for them thinking they will buy me out. You can buy my company but you can never buy Mayinja. We are among the oppressed,” he said.

Many have seen Ronald Mayinja as a possible political candidate in the 2023 parliamentary elections as he continues to associate with top opposition figures including Dr. Kizza Besigye and Robert Kyagulanyi.

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