President Museveni President Museveni takes fresh jibe at opposition

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He wasn't kind at all

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President Museveni rhetorically attacked the opposition during the last campaigns for Jinja East by-election on Tuesday where a candidate from his party is contesting.

NRM's Nabeeta Igeme Nathan is among the eight candidates vying in the Jinja East by-election after his election was nullified by the Court of Appeal in January.

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During his campaign rally, President Museveni took a jibe at the opposition saying there is no active opposition member who is better than a sickly, sleeping NRM member.

“Even if the NRM MP was sick and sleeping, he is still better than a very active Opposition MP,” the president said.

play President Museveni and Nathan Igime Nabeta (Daily Monitor)


President Museveni also said he controls the money and there is no way how a delegate who never meets him will present the views and needs of the people -- more reason why they shouldn't vote for opposition.

“I have never seen Mwiru in any meeting and I am the one in charge of money. If your delegate someone who never meets me, how will I know what you are suffering from?” he said, adding, "Please do not support the Opposition. They do not help in our cause to fight poverty, instead focusing on lies, as though if elected they will bring about transformation by magic or voodoo"

Jinja East by-elections are scheduled for Thursday 15 March

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