Douglas Lwanga Fix the mess, it doesn't look good – Douglas Lwanga speaks out on Weasel firing manager

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You all need to rest

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Celebrated media personality Douglas Lwanga has commented on the firing of Chagga as Weasel’s manager.

The NBS TV presenter advised Weasel and Chagga to amicably solve their differences and take some time off from the busy schedule.

“Both Weasel and Chagga need time off. The mistake both made was to get back at hunting money without fully healing. The effect is what we are seeing. It doesn’t look good to the brand honestly. Guys Fix this mess,” Douglas said.

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Douglas Lwanga acknowledged that Weasel is undergoing a healing process and he is rediscovering himself after his brother Radio died.

“Weasel is undergoing healing. A lot is going on now so don’t judge the actions he takes. He is rediscovering himself again. He needs time. Weasel asked for an apology from Chagga to his family and in the same statement said he had fired Chagga. Am sure both Weasel and Chagga have had conflicts before in their line of work that they both solved. This one can too be solved unless its deeper,” he posted on Facebook.

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Weasel blamed his manager Chagga of forcing him to work when he is stressed – he also said he wasn’t giving him time to grieve.

Lwanga voices concern on the busy schedule and faults Chagga for booking many shows but also says bills have to be paid and Chagga had to ‘look for a way out not in bad faith’.

“While Big Papa Chagga shouldn’t have booked those so many shows yet Immediately after Radios death coz Weasel is trying to heal, Question is what would be the perfect timing to restart working again? Bills have to be paid so Big Papa had to look for a way out not in bad faith,” he said.

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